“When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.” ― Groucho Marx

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DONE Sending...

Captain Gerry | Reply 29.07.2014 11.26

Love you cuz with all my heart!🌹

Steve Bowser | Reply 16.12.2013 19.02

See this site,, for latest updates from Suza.

Chip Larrimore | Reply 13.11.2013 10.31

Suza, wanted to be sure you know that you continue to be on the prayer list at Christ Church. We'll keep trying to get service bulletins to you. Chip+

Beth 14.12.2013 18.15

Hi Chip - I am a friend of Suza's in Northern Cal..I have checked all links and do not see anything current from her. Is there another site? Is everything ok

noreen dooley | Reply 01.10.2013 12.25

There are several awesome pieces written by Suza on her other blog
Check it out! They are too long to post here.

Beth 14.12.2013 18.26

Hi Noreen - received a card from Suza. I cannot find anything current. Does she have a new site?

Trent | Reply 29.09.2013 13.23

Suza: Hope you are doing well. Received an email from Noreen, asking me to stop the local TV Access Station from airing River of Skulls. Done!

Noreen Dooley | Reply 13.07.2013 11.20

Suza says: Due to anthrax hoax here, I have no mail, can't receive or send mail.In touch soon. All love, Suza

Noreen | Reply 29.06.2013 10.58

Don't forget to check Suza's new blog at for longer posts and updates!

noreen dooley 13.07.2013 11.17

Beth, She did receive your package and has written you a letter.

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29.07 | 11:26

Love you cuz with all my heart!🌹

08.07 | 10:26

Hi Everyone: We received a note from Suza awhile ago, but haven't heard from her in more recent months. Need to get a letter off to her. Any updates?

31.03 | 10:22

Howdy Suza! Fred and Mimi tell me your going
To work furlow program soon? Where will you be
And for how long? That's good right?
I'm writing you another letter

16.12 | 19:02

See this site,, for latest updates from Suza.

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